Confident Cyber Security.

For everyone who wants to be confident with security.

The number one Amazon bestseller, published September 2020

"Confident Cyber Security is an absolute triumph"

Maggie Philbin OBE, Broadcaster & CEO TeenTech

Why Confident Cyber Security?

"An essential book for anyone who wants a career in cybersecurity"

Jane Frankland, Entrepreneur & Author

The world is more digitally connected than ever before, and with this connectivity, comes vulnerability. It is therefore vital that all professionals understand cyber risk and how to minimise it. This means that cyber security skills are in huge demand, and there are vast career opportunities to be taken. 

Confident Cyber Security is here to help. Written by expert author and speaker, Dr Jessica Barker, this jargon-busting guide will give you a clear overview of the world of cyber security. Exploring everything from the human side to the technical and physical implications, this book takes you through the fundamentals: how to keep secrets safe, how to stop people being manipulated and how to protect people, businesses and countries from those who wish to do harm. With a dedicated section on what it could mean for you, let Confident Cyber Security give you that cutting-edge career boost you seek.

"What a great read and resource this book is… not only for those that are exploring the topic for the first time... but also for all leaders wrestling with still being “beginners” in the world of Cyber"

Simon Legg

Chief Information Security Officer HastingsDirect

Confident Cyber Security Features


Real-world case studies of cyber attacks, incidents and responses


Comprehensive chapters on the technical, human and physical sides of cyber security


Exercises for you to develop your cyber security mindset


Profiles of cyber security professionals to inspire you

Dr Jessica Barker

A cyber security expert who wants everyone to be confident with cyber security, at home and at work.

"Confident Cyber Security is a perfect representation of Jessica herself – technical, but easy to understand, data-driven and science-backed yet captivating"

Eleanor Dallaway, Editorial Director, Infosecurity Magazine

About the Author

Did you know...


Dr Jessica Barker is an award-winning global leader in the human side of cyber security.

She is Co-Founder and co-CEO of Cygenta, where she positively influences cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture in organisations around the world.

Dr. Jessica Barker KEY-T08S 2020-02-25_K

She has delivered face-to-face cyber security awareness sessions to over 35,000 people in 23 countries.

Cygenta is an award-winning partner of the UK NCSC CyberFirst Schools programme and delivered pro bono cyber security outreach sessions to over 6,000 school pupils in 2019.


Jessica is the Chair of ClubCISO, a non-commercial private forum with a membership of over 400 senior information security leaders.

Jessica has shared her cyber security expertise with the media over 100 times, including over 40 times with national and international TV and radio.


"Jessica’s specialty, and gift, is taking the seemingly complex world of cybersecurity and making it simple for anyone to understand"

Lance Spitzner,

Director SANS Security Awareness


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Infosecurity Magazine
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Journalist, author, editor, broadcaster & scriptwriter
Maggie Philbin OBE
Broadcaster & CEO TeenTech
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Director SANS Security Awareness
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